At Paper Ministry we combine the perfect blend of rare old illustrations of cultural and nature’s wonders and modern Scandinavian interior design. With this combination, we aim to create multiple collections of breathtaking art prints and posters for your home. Our collections consist of colourful botanical prints, breathtaking prints of birds and fishes, prints of juicy fruits and calming Japanese Ukyio-e prints.

Founded in Denmark with a clear vision, the whole team behind Paper Ministry aims to bring back the hidden visual gold from a forgotten time. We want to appreciate the efforts of the creators, by making their illustrations available to everyone as art prints and posters that will be enjoyed and cherished for a long time.

Our studio is transformed into a lab that converts old books and illustrations into beautiful and decorative posters and prints. Our Scandinavian sense for simplicity, design and interior gives the final touch of excellence to the long forgotten visual gold.

Our core competences are to digitize, correct and clean up the illustrations, before we convert them into quality prints. The prints are always treated carefully with respect to its creators.

The illustrations are printed on high quality, FSC-certified, paper for long lasting. Our studio handles every print individually and by hand. After the print has come out of our machines, we then hand trim the print and check the quality, before we carefully pack the print and let it leave our studio.

Despite that trends may come and go - we believe that originality stays for ever. In a time where decorative art prints and posters have become a commodity - we work hard on bringing the original heritage illustrations and drawings back as quality art prints and posters at affordable price.

Explore our collections and let us take you on a journey back in time.